Just Giving for Octavia and other cats in our care

Meet Octavia - she has been with our foster carer Sam since January 2014 and is still looking for her forever home. Read on for her story as told by Sam her foster mum:

“Within 5 minutes of Octavia being let out of her cage she jumped onto my daughter's lap, stretched out her front legs and started purring. She had spent 3 months in an outdoor pen but was always crying for attention so she was bought to me to be an indoor foster cat. When she came in to our branch she was under weight and covered in sores, we think she is maybe around 2 or 3 years old. She'd had a small lump removed from her side a month or so previously and the vet had tried antibiotics and various creams to treat the sores with little success “

“Octavia loves being indoors and with people and she barely let us out of her sight for the first couple of weeks with us, at night she would lie on top of us (she still does most nights)! She has a very quiet meow but a loud purr!  We took her out into the garden daily (in a cat harness & lead) and by the summer she was familiar with her surroundings.”

“After 6 months of blood tests and various treatments we discovered she had severe allergies, including being allergic to house dust mites, storage mites and flea saliva (the latter controlled with Advocate spot on treatment).  Our vet prescribed steroids and the treatment began, she has also started to take immune suppressants and early signs are that she is responding well to them.”

“Despite over a year of trying various treatments and at times being in quite a lot of pain with her sores, Octavia has been a typical young cat - enjoying snuggling up and playing.  She loves sitting on garden wall soaking up the sun in  summer and in winter snuggles under the radiators or stretches out on a large bean bag.”

So as you can see, here at the Portsmouth branch of Cats Protection  we want to give every cat in our care the best chance at living life to the full. We are all volunteers and give our time for free to care for cats and kittens who need our help. The work we do is only made possible by fundraising and kind donations we receive.

If you can donate, even just a pound, to help us to care for more cats like Octavia we would really appreciate it. Please go to www.justgiving.com /OctaviaTheCat or text OCCl55 £1,£2 ,£3,£4,£5 or £10 to 70070

WOOPEE, Octavia has found her forever home, that special person has given her her forever home.

Please carry on donating we would like another pen to enable us to help other cats like Octavia.